IBC Deacons 2016-2017

We want to introduce you to the

Deacon Body of Ivey Baptist Church


What is a deacon?

The term deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos which means servant or minister, The Apostle Paul explains the qualities of a deacon in I Timothy 3:8-13.

What does a deacon do?

We serve. At Ivey Baptist Church each deacon is assigned a group of families to "shepherd. If you are in need of prayer, have questions or a request, need a home or hospital visit, you can contact your deacon. This is referred to as our Deacon Family Ministry.

Of course Brother Freddy is always available, but the deacons are here to assist the pastor.

Here are our current deacons.

We are here to serve you in Christ's Love!

Casey Young, Deacon Chair

Rodney Amerson

Gus Brooks

Scott Brooks

Ronnie Brooks

Tony Budrys

Duane Clayton

Clint Hardie

Lloyd Hatfield

James Lassetter

Troy Theil

Jimmy Youmans

GW Young

Danny Young