Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Rev. Freddy Hogg 

March 2021 Newsletter


“There’s a new day coming and it’s waiting round the bend! There’s a new day coming and it’s coming now my friends...Coming in peace, coming in Joy, coming in Love!”

This was a song we sang on the “Walk to Emmaus” at the Dooly County campground years ago. It spoke of the day when Jesus comes and what a day of Peace and Joy that will be! I can’t wait!

We have an exciting day coming on March 7!  Sunday School will re-open and I hope that Church attendance will gradually get back to pre-virus levels. If you are still not comfortable, we understand. We are trying to do everything we can to keep people safe and we are asking for your cooperation. If you are sick, stay home. Please wear your mask, I know many people don’t think the masks help, but please be considerate and wear your mask entering and leaving the sanctuary.

We are checking temperatures as a precaution. We are cleaning the building; we have masks and hand sanitizer available. Please bear with us, we want our people here, but we want people to feel safe!

We miss you! We love you! We hope to see you Sunday!

In Christ’s love, Brother Freddy