Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

 June   2018

Luke 17:5 “And the Apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our Faith!”

That is a powerful request, and one that each of us should make to the Lord! “God show us ways to increase our faith, show us how to be faith driven Christians that we need to be. Let us exercise our faith more and more by being obedient to Your will in our lives!”

Faith can move mountains, Jesus said so! Matthew 17:20!

Getting ready for VBS, IMPACT, and the Summer Slump! Yes that dreaded time of year when vacation, recreation and lack of dedication, leave Sunday School classes empty and church pews vacant!

Let’s do something different this year, let’s keep God first in our lives! If you go on vacation, attend Church where you are vacationing! Remember that even when we are absent from God’s house, He is still very much present in ours!

VBS is HERE! Praise God for the opportunity He is giving us to reach out to so many people during this week! And pray that we are faithful and obedient to share the love of Christ with the kids and their families during VBS! Then pray that this outreach will bring people to Church and more important; to Christ!

In Christ’s love.       Brother Freddy