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Monthly Newsletter


July 2021 Newsletter

The Hymn says, “From sinking sand, He lifted me, with tender hands, He lifted me...!”

I feel like through this last year, we felt like the person in this song, we were sinking, drowning, going under for the last time and then Jesus lifted us up. It has been a tough year, we canceled or postponed so many events and worried about so much. But God was always there, He had a plan and we had to wait and be patient until His will was done. 

Now we are back in Sunday School and Church! We have VBS for adults and kids scheduled, Camp Christian is scheduled, and things are getting back to somewhat normal!  

But I do not want normal! I want to see us bounce back from this pandemic in abnormal ways. 100 in Sunday School, kid’s classes filled with loud, eager voices! Youth here on Sundays as well as Wednesdays. Adults filling each class, that’s what I want to see! Maybe even 200 in Church!

It takes all of us to make that happen. We all must invite people; we must welcome people! We must quit whining and complaining and start smiling and working to bring the Church back from the sinking sand, but most of all, we must pray and trust the One Who can make all this happen. 

“Oh, Praise HIs Name, He lifted me!” God work miracles, but He expects us to work right beside Him. Let’s get busy Church!

In Christ’s love, Brother Freddy