Our Pastor's Page

Our Pastor's Page

From The Desk Of Brother Freddy Hogg

"I will be glad and rejoice in Thee, I will sing praise to Thy Name, O Thou most high!: Psalm 9:2

When I stop and think about our church, I get excited! We have so many great people in our church. We have a wonderful Sunday School program, All About Kids, our Youth Group, and our Hilltoppers, we have opportunities for every age group to get involved in the ministry! Our choir just keeps hitting home runs every week, and we have soloists who could perform at any venue and yet they choose to sing praises to God here!

And then we have our Prayer Warriors, men and women who faithfully lift up the needs of our church to the Lord in prayer! People that pray in church, pray at home, stop what they are doing and talk to the Lord ! We pray before the service starts on Sunday Morning, we pray whenever people come to the church during the week, our church is a praying church!

And God has blessed this church in so many ways! I believe that when a church is faithful to God, God is faithful to the church. When a church welcomes the presence of the Lord in their midst, He abides in their midst! As the Psalmist said, "I will be glad and rejoice in Thee!"

So why not invite someone to visit our church? Bring a friend to church, bring a loved one to church, but most of all bring yourself to church. Get involved! Be a part of something really exciting! We would love to have you join our family at Ivey Baptist Church!

In Christ's Love

Brother Freddy