Rev. Freddy Hogg
















Rev. Freddy Hogg

1 Timothy 1:12 means so much to me! Paul wrote, “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord Who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry!”

I praise God every day for the opportunity to preach His Word and tend His flock. I praise Him for our Church, the family here takes the Gospel seriously.  Are we perfect?  Not quite, but we work well together and worship together and I believe we have something special here and I am so proud to be your Pastor!

School is starting back! Pray for our teachers and students. 

Big month for our family, August 8th Lynn has a birthday, I think its number forty and then August 20th we celebrate 50 years of marriage!

Nominating Committee is looking for some dedicated people to fill some rolls this year. Pray for guidance from the Lord before you say yes or no!

God bless you and continue to pray for our ministry here. I believe God has some great things in store for Ivey Baptist Church!

In Christ’s Love,
Brother Freddy